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Thread: Archiving and Retrieving data

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    Default Archiving and Retrieving data

    Hi all,

    I am using java to create a system which store the data in the mysql.

    I got one table which inside got a lot of data where all this data is the real time data and the data in this table will reach 1000 within 1 hour. The problem is, I dun want to stop the system but need to concernt the decrease of space memory.

    what i need to do is archive the data for certain period and delete it after achive, then for the archive data, i need to retrive it back for future use but cannot replace the new data.

    I have no idea of hw amanda will merge with my system and help me out on archiving and retrieving purpose. Can someone show the flow or some example of doing this?


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    Hi Bryan,

    Please confirm if I have understood your request correctly.

    You would like to archive MySQL table wthout stopping database transactions. The
    database archive should be backed up using Amanda for future use. The data from the
    table is deleted after archival. You will use restore Amanda backup if needed for
    future use.

    If my understanding is correct, Amanda can be used with MySQL backups. You need to
    figure out the MySQL backup approach to use. What storage engine do you use for the
    table? Do you have other tables in the database? Do they use the same storage engine?

    Do you use binary logging for the MySQL database?

    Depending on the storage engine, you could use mysqldump or mysqlhotcopy alongwith snapshot/replication.


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