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Thread: max out on memory after amanda run

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    Unhappy max out on memory after amanda run

    Hi All,

    I think i have found a problem, after troubling shooting a mem problem in 1 server i realised i had the same problem in all servers. I have Rad Hat Linux AS4 with all lastest updates by RHN, Using RPM amanda-server-2.4.4p3-1 and amanda-client-2.4.4p3-1

    The problem i have seen that after a full partition/File system backup run the mem maxe out and stays high even after the backup ended, It seems as if the backup uses the mem and doesnt realise later. The config is standard.

    Any help or advise?


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    Is it possible for you to upgrade to more recent version? 2.4.4p3 is more than
    3 years old.


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    Thumbs down max out on memory after amanda run cont...

    Hi all,

    I have now upgraded to amanda-backup_server-2.5.2p1-1 and amanda-backup_client-2.5.2p1-1 and still have the same memory problem. I have been reading about perhaps limiting the mem use in the client with some commands such as tape_splitsize or fallback_splitsize ??

    I have not found this problem widespread, what am i doing wrong i have used only the default configs.


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    Thumbs up resolved


    Please see




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