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    Using Amanda 2.5.2p1 on RHEL AS 3 in PORT-WRITE mode and no split_diskbuffer to backup to tape, all available RAM is used. After the dump is completed, Amanda does not release the used memory, leaving a system with 1 Gb RAM with only 8 Mb. Is this normal or must I absolutely use a split_diskbuffer directory? I find using a split_diskbuffer increases the backup time. Amanda is backing up the local host only.


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    You should either use the disk buffer, or use a much smaller splitbuffer (which will result in correspondingly slower backups, as dumps are fragmented into smaller pieces). Once the taper has allocated that memory, it keeps it on hand for subsequent dumps. It should go away once taper finishes -- correct?

    The disk buffer is recommended if you want to do large (~1GB) splits.

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    Question same here

    Hi adirocco and Justin,

    I have exactly the same problem using Redhat AS4 v6 using amanda-client-2.4.4p3-1 and also tried with lastest amanda version, same effect.

    adirocco if you managed to solve the problem please let me know. Cheers

    Justin, i have read what you said about splitbuffer but don't know where to apply or get more info on this?



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