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Thread: write error to bad file descriptor

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    Default write error to bad file descriptor

    I'm getting backup failures on some clients. Here is information from the amandad log on the client:

    amandad: time 0.003: sending ACK pkt:
    security_streaminit(stream=0x80aa2b8, driver=0x80664a0 (BSDTCP))
    security_streaminit(stream=0x80b22f0, driver=0x80664a0 (BSDTCP))
    security_streaminit(stream=0x80ba328, driver=0x80664a0 (BSDTCP))
    amandad: time 0.007: sending REP pkt:
    CONNECT DATA 499999 MESG 499998 INDEX 499997
    OPTIONS features=fffffeff9ffeffffff7f;
    amandad: time 0.011: received ACK pkt:
    security_close(handle=0x8090c68, driver=0x80664a0 (BSDTCP))
    security_stream_seterr(0x80aa2b8, EOF)
    security_stream_seterr(0x80b22f0, EOF)
    security_stream_seterr(0x80ba328, EOF)
    security_stream_seterr(0x80aa2b8, write error to : Bad file descriptor)
    amandad: time 14169.813: sending NAK pkt:
    ERROR write error on stream 499999: write error to : Bad file descriptor
    Does this indicate a data timeout? If so, what is a reasonable time to set for the timeout? I would think if more than a few minutes have passed then there is a problem, but all of the backups are running over an internal gigabit ethernet interface, so there shouldn't be a problem sending data.

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    any error in /tmp/amanda/client/$config/sendbackup.*.debug on the client?

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