MySQL specific table restoration fails in ZRM. Single table restoration failed with below error.

Restoring from full backup /home/mysql-zrm/test2/20190103160301.
- sh: /opt/nbu-mysql/bin/nbu-mysql-parse-sql: No such file or directory
- }
- ERROR: Output of command: 'logical backup table restore' is {
- ERROR at line 1: Failed to open file '/tmp/zrmresttable-PJR5waGjdK', error: 2
- }
- ERROR: Restore from logical backup table failed
- ERROR: Restore failed
- ERROR: Restore failed


Create a soft link to the original binary.

  • Login to MYSQL-ZRM server command line
  • Create the following directory

    #mkdir -p /opt/nbu-mysql/bin/

  • Create a soft link to the actual path

    #ln -s /usr/bin/mysql-zrm-parse-sql /opt/nbu-mysql/bin/nbu-mysql-parse-sql

  • Repeat restoration

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Please follow the above steps to fix the issue. In case if you need any assistance, kindly contact support.
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