Autolabel option is used to label the tapes automatically and it is enabled by default while vaulting to tapes. This means the tapes will be labelled automatically as per the autolabel format. However, in some cases, the tapes used for vaulting would have to be labelled manually.


  • amlabel is a built in command which is used to manually label tapes. For labelling vault media, the format of the amlabel command is as follows.

#amlabel backupset_name -otpchanger=changer_name label slot slot_number

For example, let us consider a backupset named “vault_test” which uses changer “changer1”.
Then the command will be as following.

#amlabel vault_test -otpchanger=changer1 vault_test-changer1-vault-002 slot 2

Once the tape is labelled, you can verify this by using the amcheck command.

#amcheck –t backupset_name -otpchanger=changer_name

This will list the newly labelled tape as available for the next backup run.

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