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Thread: How To | Reset Your Zmanda Admin Password

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    Default How To | Reset Your Zmanda Admin Password

    Below instructions will help you to reset Zmanda Admin Password

    • In the Zmanda console login page, click on "Can't access your account?"

    • Enter ZMC username in the Lost Password section and select option "Create and Email New Password"
    • This will generate a temporary password and it will be e-mailed to the mailing address registered to the ZMC user account. Please note that the email service should be configured on the Amanda backup server to receive the lost password email.
    • If the EMAIL service is not configured on the Amanda backup server, a password reset can be performed in the CLI by using the below command.

      #sh /opt/zmanda/amanda/bin/
    • Then the admin password will be reset to “admin”.

    Video Tutorial

    Please follow the above steps to download the Amanda Enterprise server and client binaries from the Zmanda website. In case if you need any assistance, kindly contact support.
    support can be reached @ [email protected]
    Or call us @ 888-496-2632 (U.S.)/ 408-732-3208 (INTL)
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