Application :ZRM for MySql
Version: 3.7 & 3.8


Full Backups failing after enabling GTID (Global transaction identifier) on MySQL. Output of mysqldump is as below:

- Warning: A partial dump from a server that has GTIDs will by default include the GTIDs of all transactions, even those that changed suppressed parts of the database. If you don't want to restore GTIDs, pass --set-gtid-purged=OFF. To make a complete dump, pass --all-databases --triggers --routines --events.]


This issue can be fixed by adding the below statement to local configuration file for ZRM.

1. Edit configuration file

#vim /etc/mysqlzrm/Backupset_name/mysql-zrm.conf

2. Add below line to configuration file


3. Restart ZRM Service

# service zmc_zrm restart

Please reply to the post if you still face the issue or you can reach support.
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