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Thread: Is Amanda right for my business?

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    Default Is Amanda right for my business?

    Hi All

    I'm new here but I've already read all the FAQs and downloaded and compiled Amanda 3.3.6 onto my FreeBSD server, I'd like to ask if Amanda will do what I want before I go much further with configuration.

    I run a small business and have a rack with a bunch of HP DL360s running Linux and Unix and there are also a couple of other Windows boxes on the network.

    I've got one DL380 with eight HD bays that I want to use Amanda on so I've put the latest FreeBSD11 onto it and loaded it up.

    I'd like to be able to turn on the DL380 every day at noon and do whatever backups are necessary and then I want to use a script to turn the server off. Not suspend or power save but completely off.

    My power bill has sky-rocketed lately so this project has savings as one of it's objectives.

    I'm hoping it won't take Amanda more than an hour to do the backups and I don't want to pay the power bill to keep the server in standby for 23 hours.

    Can Amanda handle this? Will she look at the clock when started and determine what needs to be done and just do it or will she bitch and moan that she was turned off?

    What about the weekend? If I don't power up the Amanda server between Friday and Monday will the algorithms actually just learn my pattern? What if I miss a day?

    I like the idea of a server that pulls downloads from the network and Amanda looks really slick for that so I hope this will work.


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    Did you find answer for this intresting question?

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    it's my first post of this forum site. I am new user of this Zmanda forum site.


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    I am not sure about this because I also want to know this.

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