Just wanted to say hi.
It took a long time to get validated on this forums either due to some email issue or something on their end. Came back one more time after a 3 month hiatus and it accepted me...whoo hoo.

I am using centos 6.x which I believe uses 2.6.x

I was thinking of using amanda to backup my /html, /etc, and some other pertinent files (hopefully rdiff style for the logs too) with my set of virtual machines. About 5 VMs used as webservers and the others as DNS servers.

I am not sure if this is overkill, cannot find too much about it. Seems everyone likes a myriad of backup options.
I have decided using amanda over bacula.

I hope to include a step by step 'how to' in my centos handbook I am writing...

So, just saying hi. I maybe be haunting this place next month as I delve into the mysteries of Amanda....