I am a refugee from Windows Home Server V1 which has been abandoned by Microsoft. I have been using various versions of Linux for many years (RedHat, Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu, Centos etc). After being sold a counterfeit copy of Windows Server 2012 I have decide to attempt to replicate all of the MS functions on a CentOS 7 box. I need to backup (and restore) Windows 10 machines, host the back-end of a LibreOffice (HSQLDB) database, stream music (100GB0 and video (500GB) to various Windows 10 PCs and a couple of Smart TVs, and I need to be able to manage this server remotely.

So far I have built a test system using CentOS 7, I have remote management working, the database back-end should be easy but I am having enormous trouble with the Amanda Backup. I have installed Amanda and successfully backed up the server. I am now trying to get the Windows client to work.

The first problem is that I cannot find the Windows Client installation file anywhere. The links on Zmanda just go round and round without actually giving a link to download the required file.
The next (and possibly biggest) problem is that reading through articles in this forum it would appear that the Windows Client is at best useless, and possibly abandoned unless you pay for the commercial edition of Amanda.

I would appreciate any help and/or advice anybody can give me.