The Amanda core team is pleased to announce the release of Amanda 3.5.1.

It is a bugfix release for Amanda 3.5.

Source tarballs are available from

  • http://www.amanda.org
  • https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=120

Binaries for many systems are available from

  • http://www.zmanda.com/download-amanda.php

Documentation can be found at

  • http://wiki.zmanda.com

Here's a list of the changes for release 3.5 (from the NEWS file):
Look at the ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog file for more details.

  • Fix compilation on Solaris
  • Do not check all 'r' bit on suid binary
  • Fix parsing of configuration override (-o)
    • can unset some setting
  • client code will not fail if shared memory is not available
  • amreport
    • lot of improvement
  • allow '*' for a datestamp wildcard
  • amgetconf
    • print an empty string if a parameter is not set instead of 'no such parameter'
  • amdump
    • new --no-dump, --no-flush and --no-vault argument
  • amstatus fix
  • lock holding disk to protect multiple parallel access