Well, I'm starting with Amanda and I have some questions concerning the configuration.
My goal is to have Amanda backing up to a NAS system (Dedupe Appliance) and I'm a little bit lost concerning the configuration of Amanda.

Well, if I well understood, I have to use vtapes. But I'm lost on the way to configure those vtapes.
My source data is approximately 600 Gb.
I would like to have weekly full backup (to keep for 1 month - 4 copies) and a daily incremental (5 days a week)

How many vtapes should I create ? What size of the vtapes do you recommend ?

Let's assume that I define vtapes of 200Gb, what should I specify as tapecycle, runspercycle and dumpcycle ?

Could you verify my amanda.conf definition here under ?

org "MyConfig"
infofile "/amanda/state/curinfo"
logdir "/amanda/state/log"
indexdir "/amanda/state/index"
dumpuser "amandabackup"

tpchanger "chg-disk:/path2NAS/vtapes"
labelstr "MyData[0-9][0-9]"
autolabel "MyData%%" EMPTY VOLUME_ERROR
tapecycle 7
runspercycle 5
dumpcycle 7 days
amrecover_changer "changer"

tapetype "HARD-DISK"
define tapetype HARD-DISK {
comment "Dump onto hard disk"
length 204800 mbytes # specified in mbytes to get the exact size of 200GB

define dumptype simple-gnutar-local {
auth "local"
compress none
program "GNUTAR"

holdingdisk hd1 {
directory "/amanda/holding"
use 200 mbytes
chunksize 1 mbyte

And, so I will have to create the slots for all the vtapes required (XX=number of vtapes required):

cd /path2NAS/vtapes
for slot in `seq 1 XX`; do mkdir slot$slot; done

Any other suggestions ?

Thanks in advance for your support and best regards,