Is it possible to run multiple amvault to the same LTO 6 tape?

Basic idea is to vaulting couple of smaller weekly or monthly backups from virtual tapes to the LTO 6 tape. Amanda is version 3.3.3 from CentOS 7 base repo, kernel support EOT, drive is HP LTO Ultrium 6 (no-rewind, /dev/nst0).

I use this command:

amvault --src-timestamp latest --dst-changer tape:/dev/nst0 \
--autolabel any --label-template archive-%%% \
-olabelstr='^archive-[0-9][0-9][0-9]$' monthly
and this use about of 30% uncompressed tape space. I want to fill this tape until to the end running same command from month to month.
If this is possible, must I use mt command to rewind/forward/backward positioning to the last file mark or amvault take care about this?

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