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Thread: how to recover from tape, if the server is dead

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    Default how to recover from tape, if the server is dead

    So, scenario...

    my backup server running amanda, backs up to tape every day... and then the server doing the backups, dies. We move the tape drive to anohter server, but we don't have a copy of the configs/settings. Now, I need to recover something from said tape drive, how do I go ahead and recover something?

    I've found a few commands, but I can't seem to get it to work...
    mtx -f /dev/nst0 unload
    mtx -f /dev/nst0 load {tapenumber}
    now, the above is perfect! works great! Now, I do this:
    mt -f /dev/nst0 rewind
    dd if=/dev/nst0 bs=32k count=1
      AMANDA: TAPESTART DATE 20170130090001 TAPE DailySet-14
    mt -f /dev/nst0 fsf 1
    dd if=/dev/nst0 bs=32k count=1
    dd if=/dev/nst0 bs=32k count=1
    AMANDA: FILE 20170130090001 /opt/metaeas  lev 0 comp .gz program /bin/tar
    To restore, position tape at start of file and run:
    	dd if=<tape> bs=32k skip=1 | /bin/gzip -dc | /bin/tar -xpGf - ... 
    1+0 records in
    1+0 records out
    32768 bytes (33 kB) copied, 0.00162497 s, 20.2 MB/s
    When I run the command is says to run, it fails... with some googling, I found that since I am already where I am, I should omit the 'skip=1', and, that doesn't seem to work either.

    Now, another thought, is that I should backup the config/settings folder first, that way it will always be the first 'backup' on the tape, and then if I can get that, I will have the logs to be able to recover using the normal amrecover process.

    Am I making this too complicated? is it really more simple than I am making it out to be? The reason i ask, is that I have tapes in changer that are from our old setup, and I am just trying to see if I can pull and recover from them... you know... looking to do it now, before we need to do it in an emergency!

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    I don't think a recovery is possible unless you can reup the server.

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    You can do it only with server.

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