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Thread: IPv6 and IPv4!

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    Default IPv6 and IPv4!

    I’m using Amanda in SLES 11.
    I followed a test configuration found on the web. All work well if I have IPv6 enabled, but with IPv4 disabled amdump does not work and it return:
    ERROR planner Request to failed: error sending REQ: send REQ to failed: Socket operation on non-socket
    on log file.

    This seem to be a known problem, on some documents I read:
    Either, fix your system to not return IPv6 address to amanda
    or enable IPv6 in the kernel

    but how to fix my system to not return IPv6?
    On my test environment I use /etc/hosts for name resolving, and I don’t have any IPv6 address configured for the name I use.

    Thanks for any help
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