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Thread: Do ZFS backups cross filesystem boundaries

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    Default Do ZFS backups cross filesystem boundaries

    What are the defaults for ZFS filesystems in Solaris (not OpenSolaris)?

    I've managed to get a backup started but it finished in almost no time and did not back up any data. The BackupWhat page says:

    "Amanda will not cross file system boundaries when completing backups on Linux filesystems. For example, if \ is specified as the directory to back up, \tmp will not be included in the backup if it resides on a separate file system. Solaris filesystems backup will cross filesystem boundaries."

    This is ZFS (df output)with a very hierarchical filesystem structure:

    # df -khl | grep pool
    pool1 8.9T 36K 1.7T 1% /pool1
    pool1/backups 8.9T 70K 1.7T 1% /pool1/backups
    pool1/backups/[server1] 8.9T 153G 1.7T 9% /pool1/backups/[server1]
    pool1/backups/[server2] 8.9T 153G 1.7T 9% /pool1/backups/[server2]
    [30 more filesystems]

    I directed the backup that did not back anything up to backup "/pool1", which by itself doesn't have any data. I need to backup all the subdirectories, hopefully without explicitly naming them all.

    What is the default for crossing ZFS filesystem boundaries, with both "extended attributes" set and unset? Will "extended attributes" back up ZFS snapshots as well? I do *not* want to backup any ZFS snapshots.

    Thanks all,
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    There is no way to cross filesystem boundary using amzfs-sendrecv

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