The Amanda core team is pleased to announce the release of Amanda 3.4.1.
This is a bugfix release for Amanda-3.4. Thanks to everyone who tested Amanda-3.4

Source tarballs are available from

  • http://www.amanda.org
  • https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=120

Binaries for many systems are available from

  • http://www.zmanda.com/download-amanda.php

Documentation can be found at

  • http://wiki.zmanda.com

Here's a list of the changes for release 3.4 (from the NEWS file):
Look at the ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog file for more details.

  • new --without-rest-server configure option
  • fix reported bugs
    • build issue
    • packaging issue
    • amstar: fix exclude pattern
    • amrecover: do not print the size too often
    • amtapetype: fix error with property_set
    • allow a tapedev in the a storage section
    • amstatus: small fix