Following on from my ancient posting that the Windows Client Community Edition hasn't been updated in years, it looks like even the recent major update of
the Linux client to 3.4 hasn't prompted an update for the equivalent Windows client.

In fact, the last time I can see it in the Download section is for 3.3.6 (and that was just an exact copy of the initial 3.3 release from
years earlier).

I think it's about time that the maintainers of the Windows Client Community Edition client finally admit that it's a dead client and
won't ever be updated. It's so badly written (clearly not a straight port of the Linux version because it uses a 100% unnecessary MySQL server
and the tricky-to-deal-with ZIP64 format) that it has effectively made Amanda a Linux-only project really and pretty unsuitable
for heterogeneous environments (which is probably the scenario in many places I suspect).