I have made a personal backup server for all my servers, but tried it first with one server i have running. I have used the amanda.conf from my work which gives a huge transfer rate

org "Amanda backup" # your organization name for reports
mailto "[email protected]" # send mail when backup has been done
dumpuser "amandabackup" # the user to run dumps under

inparallel 15 # maximum dumpers that will run in parallel
dumporder "SSSSSS" # first dump the largest size, then the smaller ones
netusage 128000 Kbps # maximum net bandwidth for Amanda, in KB per sec

dumpcycle 1 weeks # the number of days in the normal dump cycle
# Just tell how often you want to perform a
# full backup of each filesystem. In this case
# you want at least a full backup of each filesystem
# once per week...

runspercycle 4 days # the number of amdump runs in dumpcycle days
# If you're not running a backup each day of the week
# you'll have to specify here the number of days
# you want to run a backup. Full backups will be
# spread along the week (dumpcycle)...

tapecycle 12 tapes # the number of tapes in rotation
# Just tell here how many tapes you have, minus
# one or two in the case of tape-errors...
# 4 weeks (dumpcycle) times 5 tapes per week (just
# the weekdays) plus a few to handle errors that
# need amflush and so we do not overwrite the full
# backups performed at the beginning of the previous
# cycle

bumpsize 100 Mb # minimum savings (threshold) to bump level 1 -> 2
bumpdays 1 # minimum days at each level
bumpmult 4 # threshold = bumpsize * bumpmult^(level-1)

etimeout 50000 # number of seconds per filesystem for estimates.
#etimeout -600 # total number of seconds for estimates.
# a positive number will be multiplied by the number of filesystems on
# each host; a negative number will be taken as an absolute total time-out.
# The default is 5 minutes per filesystem.
dtimeout 50000 # number of seconds per filesystem for sending data
# The default is 1800 seconds per file system

tapetype HARD-DISK # what kind of tape it is (see tapetypes below)
labelstr "^daily-[0-9][0-9]*$" # label constraint regex: all tapes must match

tpchanger "chg-disk"
changerfile "/etc/amanda/daily/changer"
tapedev "file:/vtape/daily"

infofile "/var/lib/amanda/daily/curinfo" # database filename
logdir "/var/lib/amanda/daily/log" # log directory
indexdir "/var/lib/amanda/daily/index" # index directory
#tapelist "/var/lib/amanda/DailySet1/tapelist" # list of used tapes
# tapelist is stored, by default, in the directory that contains amanda.conf

includefile "/etc/amanda/dumptypes.conf"

holdingdisk hd1 {
comment "main holding disk"
directory "/amhold/daily" # where the holding disk is
use -1 Gb # how much space can we use on it
# a negative value mean:
# use all space except that value
# chunksize 2 Gb # size of chunk if you want big dump to be
# dumped on multiple files on holding disks
# N Kb/Mb/Gb split disks in chunks of size N
# 0 split disks in INT_MAX/1024 Kb chunks
# -N Kb/Mb/Gb dont split, dump larger
# filesystems directly to tape
# (example: -2 Gb)

define tapetype HARD-DISK {
comment "Dump onto hard disk"
length 270 gb

define interface local {
comment "a local disk"
use 1000 kbps

define interface bond0 {
comment "1 Gbps ethernet"
use 128000 kbps

# print numbers in Mega instead of the default Kilo
displayunit "m"

#resolves "resource temporarily unavailable" bug
unreserved-tcp-port 50000,50100
And i am using my personal dumptypes.conf

define dumptype global {
comment "Global definitions"

define dumptype tar-low {
program "GNUTAR"
comment "Dump with tar at low priority"
compress none
priority low
auth "bsd"

define dumptype tar-low-excl {
comment "Dump with tar at low priority with exclude file"
exclude list ".exclude"
auth "bsd"

define dumptype tar-med {
comment "Dump with tar at medium priority"
priority medium
auth "bsd"

define dumptype tar-med-excl {
comment "Dump with tar at medium priority with exclude file"
exclude list ".exclude"
auth "bsd"
Everything is running, but it is really slow. A backup of 650MB is taking almost 1.5 hours. The servers are located in the same datacentre and a wget of a file from the client is taking 56MB per second, so it should be fixed within 15 seconds.

I know it could be a problem with the amanda.conf file, but i have too little knowledge to know what could be the problem. Maybe someone sees in one eye blink what i am doing wrong here?