I know the reflex response but wait... Small professional office with Alfresco document management means that there is strong version control and deleted documents are easy to recover so one would never need to use earlier backups to find early versions or deleted documents. There is a raid enabled NAS which is mirrored to another raid enabled NAS. Tape backup is more about the risk of corruption and offsite location/DR. The default of having to change disk every day has few advantages and given frequent international travel is probably not possible. I would like to run full backup and incremental on top tape1 for week 1 (offsite disk) and repeat for Tape 2 through 4 and then recycle. Once a month a full backup is kept independently off site, (corrupted file DO occur!).
Help required: my understanding is that Amanda seeks a new tape for each daily backup which for the small data changes etc is practically excessive. Given the totality of the situation I would prefer to have the incremental backups on one tape which is changed each week. What would be the best procedure for this? (Or does one have to use vtapes and have a standard amanda sequence and then copy those to tape daily?)