I'm trying to build a backup server to backup my home directory on my Mint system as well as my Debian media servers movie library. The backup server will be a Raspberry PI2 + 5 TB HDD which will hold all the files and backups from my Mint desktop and Debian media server. Backuppc is installed on my Mint desktop so I need to configure backuppc to contact the file system of the computer that it's currently installed on and backup my home directory and I also need backuppc to contact the file system on my Debian server and backup its movie library to the PI2 + HDD as well. This HDD isn't plugged into the PI2 yet but will be after I move the PI2 backup server off site, at the moment I just need to get the most of the data backed up locally through the USB port before plugging the HDD to the PI2 and moving that system off site. I've googled and youtubed the heck out of this but every example is confusing and they're all using the web interface and I'd rather use the command line and text file configuration if that's possible. Can anyone help me get started? Thanks.