I'm installing AMANDA to backup an existing server, and find that the number of files is such that /var/lib usage jumps by 1.4G every day thanks to the snapshot files. I'd like to run daily incrementals and fulls every month, but 30x1.4GB is more than the server is configured for.

A) I can revisit my storage plan and reduce the range in which I can restore "the version I had three Mondays ago" or ask for more vtape disk.

B) I can try to write the snapshots to the filesystem I'm backing up, which has plenty of room. This makes my skin crawl, but maybe AMANDA has the information available elsewhere too.

C) I can use the unobtainium option to have tar read and write compressed snapshots.

Or maybe option C actually exists, or I've misunderstood something that will let option B be sensible in case I have to do disaster recovery?

Had anybody else run into this who has some advice?
James Bellinger