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Thread: Changing gnutar_list_dir

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    Default Changing gnutar_list_dir

    I am trying add some Solaris servers to my amanda backups. The clients are running 2.6.1p2.

    On the zones, /usr is a read only file system so amanda fails with an error messages like: /oracle lev 0 FAILED [opening /usr/local/var/amanda/gnutar-lists/ Read-only file system]

    I added to /etc/amanda/amanda-client.conf

    gnutar_list_dir "/var/amanda/gnutar-lists"

    but amanda still tries to write to /usr/local/var/amanda/gnutar-lists/

    Can this be fixed in the configuration or do I need to recompile?

    The server is running 3.3.6 could that be the problem?

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    If I remember correctly, in2.6.1, it only read the amanda.conf from the config directory: /etc/amanda/CONF/amanda-client.conf

    You can also set the GNUTAR-LISTDIR application property in the dumptype for any directory you want.

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    I'll try copying /etc/amanda/amanda-client.conf to /etc/amanda/<CONF>/amanda-client.conf.

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    Well shoot! That didn't work either. I guess it's rebuild time...

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