Running Amanda-2.5.1b1-2006041 on a Solaris 10 Sparc.

Compiled without errors and have run several test.

1) I have set up chg-zd-mtx.conf to have four tapes

firstslot = "15"
lastslot = "18"

The first backup tape should be in firstslot =15.

Amanda cycles through all four tapes and the at the end loads the tape in slot 15 which it uses.

This is from my amanda.conf file.

dumpcycle 0
runspercycle 0
tapecycle 4 tapes
runtapes 4

Is amanda looking at the four tapes before using them? Is this normal?

2) My email log show the following:

These dumps were to tape archive:000067.
The next 4 tapes Amanda expects to use are: a new tape, a new tape, a new tape, archive:000067.

The next 3 new tapes already labelled are: archive:000068, archive:000069, archive:000070.

Why do I have "a new tape" as the next tape expected by Amanda?

This is a little different from my backup runs with Amanda 2.4.4 so what to understand what is going on.