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Thread: AMCheck Unauthenticated user

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    installed Server 3.3.7 en Windows client 3.3.6.
    Unfortunatelly the server does not successfully connect to the Windows client when running the amcheck command.
    It ends with an "Unauthenticated user" error.

    De logfile on the Windows client is below.
    What is going wrong. I don't see the Windows client trying to create / write to BackupErrors or RestoreErrors.txt

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    6848:47504:8/7/2015:14:19:0:409::ReadRegistryValue: Entering ReadRegistryValue.
    6848:62364:8/7/2015:14:19:0:410::ReadRegistryValue: Entering ReadRegistryValue.
    6848:62364:8/7/2015:14:19:0:411::CWZCDispatcher : Entering ExecuteTask
    6848:62364:8/7/2015:14:19:0:411::CZWCJobHandler::ExecuteJob : Job Type = 3
    6848:62364:8/7/2015:14:19:0:411::CZWCJobHandler : Entering ExecuteGetClientCapJob
    6848:62364:8/7/2015:14:19:0:411::CZWCJobHandler : Leaving ExecuteGetClientCapJob
    6848:62364:8/7/2015:14:19:0:411::CWZCDispatcher : Leaving ExecuteTask
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:614::ReadRegistryValue: Entering ReadRegistryValue.
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CWZCDispatcher : Entering ExecuteTask
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler::ExecuteJob : Job Type = 5
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler::ExecuteJob : Job Type = 21
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler : Entering ExecuteValidateServerJob
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler : Server address to be validated from the list of authentic server = [SERVER IP]
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler : Server name = [SERVER FQDN]
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler : Authentic Server name = [SERVER IP]
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler : Leaving ExecuteValidateServerJob
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler::ExecuteJob : Job Type = 1
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler : Entering ExecuteValidateUserJob
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler : Leaving ExecuteValidateUserJob
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler::ExecuteJob : Job Type = 3
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler : Entering ExecuteGetClientCapJob
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler : Leaving ExecuteGetClientCapJob
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:615::CZWCJobHandler::ExecuteJob : Job Type = 6
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:616::CZWCJobHandler : Entering ExecuteValidateDiskListJob
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:618::GDebugLog: Failed to write errors to BackupErrors or RestoreErrors.txt 6
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:618::GDebugLog: Failed to write errors to BackupErrors or RestoreErrors.txt 6
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:618::FS: NTFS: GetAttributes: GetAttributes failed 2
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:618::The system cannot find the file specified.

    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:618::CZWCJobHandler : Failed to get attribute of the directory
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:618::FS: UnloadPlugin: Unloaded Plugin for FileSystem NTFS
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:618::CZWCJobHandler : Leaving ExecuteValidateDiskListJob
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:618::CZWCJobHandler::ExecuteJob : Job Type = 7
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:618::CZWCJobHandler::ExecuteJob : Job Type = 8
    6848:38240:8/7/2015:14:19:0:619::CWZCDispatcher : Leaving ExecuteTask
    6848:47504:8/7/2015:14:19:0:619::RemoveStaleClient : Last error code is 0
    6848:47504:8/7/2015:14:19:0:620::The operation completed successfully.

    6848:47504:8/7/2015:14:19:0:620::Communication Layer : Connection closed by server.

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    you may have to edit the appropriate user in the registry; I know that for me - debian uses the "backup" user by default and I edited my windows registry to reflect that

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