I have multiple Configurations. DailySet1, Every30Min, EveryHour. These run once per day, every 30 minutes, and every hour through a crontab entry calling 'amdump' respectivley.

Each of the above configurations use the same virtual tape "tapedev "file:/export/backups/amandabackups". I don't use a "tape changer" as I want every backup I ever create to be stored at that file specific tape file, so that my post-processing script can be called, which does some action on my backed up file.

Do I have to worry about concurrent calls to 'amdump' on different configurations overwriting the "tapedev "file:/export/backups/amandabackups" before the post-processing script is called?

In short:
Will amdump wait if another amdump process is already writing to the tapefile? And will amdump wait until the other process's post-processing script has completed?