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    I am currently evaluating Amanda (community edition). I have been intrigued by it for a long time now, but am just now seriously looking at it.

    Our current practice when we setup backups for clients (using a well-known commercial backup software) is to do backups to external drives and each day someone (employee of the client) is responsible for taking the "weekly" drive home each week.

    Amanda's scheduler will, by default, spread these full backups (which is what intrigues me the most about it), but this also means that there will not be one drive to take home each week, as they all will (theoretically) have different full backups on them.

    I am wondering what others do or suggest for and offsite strategy? So far, I have come up with the following options:

    1. Have a set enough drives to do four weeks' worth of backups, and that weeks'-worth of backups get taken offsite each week
    2. Create a seperate weekly backup job (and set of external drives) which would run over the weekend and backs up to as many drives as needed
    3. Subscribe to an offsite/online backup service and have that as the offsite strategy

    Thoughts and further advice greatly appreciated.


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    There's a perl program on the wiki which collates the minimum set of amanda tape(files) for a restore.

    i.e. it pulls in the level 0 full, and the minimum other levels that would be required for a restore.

    I then add these to the offsite storage medium, and use that.

    I modified the script found on the wiki, here:

    https : //

    the one at the bottom is the offsite script, maybe it will work for you?

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