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Thread: Confluence Server giving me issues

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    Cool Confluence Server giving me issues

    ? /bin/tar: ./atlassian/confluence/.install4j: Warning: Cannot flistxattrs: Operation not supported

    I am getting several hundred error messages for similar in nature to the above. My client and server are on AMANDA 3.3.2-1.rhel6.x86_64
    Past performance shows this never worked in the past but now they want it "Fixed".
    My exposure to AMANDA is very limited (less than 4 weeks) so if this is a simple fix I apologize but could find nothing regarding this issue on the Interwebs.

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    it looks like your file system do not support xattr.
    Set the amgtar "XATTR" property to "NO"

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    Thanks lollyjain but I am not configuring Confluence. But AMANDA to back it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martineau View Post
    it looks like your file system do not support xattr.
    Set the amgtar "XATTR" property to "NO"
    I am pretty new at this. Can you explain how to perform this action or point me in the right direction.

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    I found this link to amgtar man page with examples: //

    But the bottom line in the amanda.conf where you define the amgtar section. Here is a cunk of my amanda.conf

    define application-tool app_amgtar {
    comment "amgtar"
    plugin "amgtar"
    property "XATTRS" "NO" ## Make amanda pass --no-xattrs to tar

    define dumptype gui-base {
    program "APPLICATION"
    application "app_amgtar"
    comment "gui base dumptype dumped with tar"
    compress none
    index yes

    I hope this help. I too am new(er) to Amanda, but I am loving it.

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