I used Amanda a very long time ago to backup a single server to DDS-2 tape. This was in 1996 or so. The total volume to back up was about 2 GB.

Now I'm thinking about an appropriate backup strategy for a small office:

file server, OS X, 6 TB, growing 1 TB per year
web sever, Linux, 500 GB
10 OSX clients, 5 TB total (probably less)
10 Windows clients, 5 TB Total (probably less)
a few virtual machines running Windows and Linux, 1 TB total

The volume of daily new data is usually rather small, a few hundred MB probably.

So, I remembered Amanda and I wonder if Amanda and a LTO 5/6 tape would be the right solution? As far as I can see Amanda now can span backups over multiple tapes (this was a problem 20 years ago) and can backup the clients as well. So I looks like a feasible solution to me, what do you think?

A few more questions:
I it possible to buffer incremental backups on a rather small hard disk and write them to tape once a week or so?

The Network is slow here, I'll not be able to reach the native write speed of a LTO drive, is this a problem? I think I remember some issues in this respect with the DDS drive.

I have to run the tape drive and Amanda on a new dedicated server. Any recommendations on the hardware? The budget is small unfortunately.

Any other comments?