I am looking at Amanda, and I have a question about Amanda's ability to "distribute" out the backups over the course of a cycle to make each backup about the same size. I am just wonder if it will do this even for one directory.

For example, let's say I setup a backup dump with a dumpcycle of "4" and I have a file server that has a directory called "SERVER_DATA" at a total size of 800GB. This directory has a couple dozen sub-directories, each one also it's own share. If I selected the "SERVER_DATA" directory as the only directory to be backed up (as opposed to specifically selecting any of the sub-directories), would Amanda ultimately split this up into four "full" backups of about 200GB each over the course of the dumpcycle, or would the full backup *always* be 800GB over the course of the dumpcycle?

Thanks! :-)