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Thread: amrecover from Windows machines on Linux

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    Default amrecover from Windows machines on Linux

    Hi! How can I recover the lost data on the Linux machine instead of Windows one?

    Unfortunately, I do not have the proprietary PKZIP for Linux and it not seems to be available for free use.

    amrecover> add .
    Added dir "/C/some scary russian hieroglyphs here/." at date 2015-02-07-03-07-02
    amrecover> extract
    Extracting files using tape drive chg-disk:/mnt/backups/amanda/changer on host
    The following tapes are needed: DAILY-05
    Extracting files using tape drive chg-disk:/mnt/backups/amanda/changer on host
    Load tape DAILY-05 now
    Continue [?/Y/n/s/d]? y
    Restoring files into directory /root/restore
    All existing files in /root/restore can be deleted
    Continue [?/Y/n]? y
    warning: restore program for pkzip not available.
    amrecover couldn't exec: No such file or directory
     problem executing restore
    Extractor child exited with status 1
    Thanks in advance for answer!

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    Whilst you can get the ZIP64'ed Windows dump onto a Linux tape server using amfetchdump, the dump format is highly proprietary and actually goes against the grain of the "community edition", IMHO. I have yet to find any free Linux tool natively unpack the Windows dump (unzip and 7za don't work before you ask).

    Even on Windows, the choice of unpacking tool is extremely restricted (standard Windows Explorer unzip'ing doesn't work and neither does 7-Zip). PKWare's Zip Reader is just about the only free tool that works (the other paid PKWare unpackers may work too). Basically, the Amanda folks have made a *big* mistake with their archiving format on Windows - surely there's some more "standard" format they could have used?

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