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Thread: Successful installations?

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    Default Successful installations?

    Has anyone been able to successfully install Amanda 3.3.6 yet? You can install from packages on Ubuntu 14.10, but that doesn't seem to leave you with a set of configurations/binaries that can actually be used according to the documentation here. You can try to install with dpkg from the packages available for download here, but that leaves you with dependency problems when trying to install the client. What are you running Amanda on?

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    I run 3.3.7 on debian 7, installed using deb-package found in the download section. First I checked what dependencies it needs (dpkg -I) and installed what was missing. I then installed amanda-server with dpkg -i. Installer writes a helpfull log in /var/log/amanda/install.log

    I then looked at and went from there.

    Notice that after installation you need to do most things as the amandauser. One is created during install (likely called amandabackup) look in the log mentioned above.

    cheers, Mark

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