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Thread: Windows server 2012R2 support

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    Default Windows server 2012R2 support


    About to deploy some Windows server 2012r2 boxes and was wondering if there was anything I should know about running the current client in that apparently non supported environment ?

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    PC1 was actually down, but this caused PC2's backup to fail partially. Sometimes both PC2 and 3 will fail, partially or even completely, sometimes the other backups run fine. I don't see a reason why, at least PC 2 and 3 should have been backed up. []pass4sure security+ training courses[/url]
    Same thing happens if PC2 or 3 are offline. Normally the machines are turned on at night using Wake Up On LAN, backed up, and turned off. Sometimes WOL fails because some wise guy pulled the power cord off the wall or so, but IMHO this should not break other machine's backups.

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