Like many, I don't want to receive daily reports from multiple systems unless there was a problem. So I was very happy to find the "strange" setting available for the send-amreport-on. From the amanda.conf(5):
Send an email on strange or error message. A strange message occurs when the dump succeeded, but returned one or more errors unknown to Amanda.
Well, today there was an error -- an incorrect path in disklist -- but there was no e-mail... I caught it by logging-in manually and running amreport by hand... The report did list the error:


prod-rails-image02.us-west-2.int.example.net /data/content/prod/rails/data/new-imgprofileupload lev 0 FAILED [/usr/libexec/amanda/runtar exited with status 2: see /var/log/amanda/client/.../sendsize.20140912021702.debug]

Why didn't the e-mail get sent? I do have the mailto-setting pointing to my address, but even grep-ping through maillog for "amanda" didn't show anything...