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Thread: Amanda server going through NAT to 2.5.3 client?

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    Default Amanda server going through NAT to 2.5.3 client?

    I've been having a bit of trouble adding a client today and just wanted to get a reality check
    before I bang my head too much.

    My new server with Amanda 3.3.6 is temporarily on a private address inside our department NAT. I was
    just trying today to add a 2.5.3 client that is in another department on a public address. I can ssh
    to it, and I am using auth=ssh. I've got the keys set up. One thing I noticed is that the key was
    specifying /usr/local/libexec/amandad, but the newer Amanda was calling for
    /usr/local/libexec/amanda/amandad. I tried working around that by creating the directory on the
    client and symlinking all the executables into the directory. After that, I at least was getting
    debug files on the client (before it had been nothing).

    Am I going to be able to get this working? Or is it an insurmountable problem to be on a private
    address behind the NAT?

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    You can specify the client amandad-path inside the dumptype on the server, there is no needs to add symlink.
    You call also specify the amandad-path on the authorized_keys file on the client.

    How can we help if you don't tell us what is the problem?

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