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Thread: Is Amanda the right solution for me?

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    Question Is Amanda the right solution for me?


    I want to backup my Linux server and a few (samba) network shares, So far so good right ?
    But I want to do a unattended backup.

    The deal breakers are as I see them is.

    I need to use re-writable optical media such as single or dual layer bluray media,
    I need automatic erase and format as needed,
    I need verify after write,
    I need to be able to span multiple discs
    and finally and perhaps most important the media needs to be written in a format that can be read by any win-tel or linux machine that has the proper drive installed, so this means a mirror copy of the files and folder(s) backed up with no tar, gziped files or folder entries.

    I'd like to perform full and incremental or differential backups on separate folder, folders and subfolders.
    I'd like to also have the backup detailed information stored in a MySQL database.

    Originally I hoped that a simple cd/dvd/bd burn program would work but once a "project" was larger than the available space it was game over.

    Before I spend a lot of time learning about and configuring Amanda, I'd like to find out if these requirements are possible with Amanda.


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    seriously no comments ?

    it's not rocket science...

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddbailey View Post
    seriously no comments?
    You do realise that reading this forum is much like watching tumbleweed blowing past? There seems to be very few responses from the actual Amanda developers and the Windows client has bit-rotted for over 2 years now to the point where I'd put it in the "seriously flaky" column.

    I wouldn't recommend backups to optical disc myself - backing up to large (possibly portable if they need to go offsite) hard drives or a decent Ultrium tape system (with an autoloader if you have a lot of data to back up) are the way to go. Or buy a bunch of USB 3 large sticks even - anything but optical discs :-)

    it's not rocket science...[/QUOTE]

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