Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble getting amanda to work with network clients using SSH as the authentication method. The server will back up locally just fine but after adding a remote host to the disklist I keep getting this error from amcheck:

"WARNING: amanda-client.localdomain: selfcheck request failed: EOF on read from amanda-client.localdomain
Client check: 2 hosts checked in 5.307 seconds. 1 problem found."

To set it all up I followed the guides on the amanda wiki for setting up amanda to backup remote hosts, and when I SSH to the client from the server using "ssh -i /etc/amanda/MyConfig/ssh-key [email]client@amanda-client.locald[/email]omain" (as specified in the wiki) it works fine and I get a shell. I have a feeling this issue is something to do with amanda pointing to the wrong user but I have that specified in amanda.conf.

I'm running amanda-server 3.3.6 on Ubuntu Server 12.04 and amanda-client 3.3.6 on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.

The the dumptypes I am using in amanda.conf are:

define dumptype global {
comment "Global settings"
index yes
record yes

define dumptype remote {
comment "global ssh settings"
auth "ssh"
ssh_keys "/etc/amanda/MyConfig/ssh-key"
client_username "client"

define dumptype user-tar {
comment "user partitions dumpded with tar"

define dumptype user-tar-remote {
comment "User partitions dumped with tar for network client"

the disklist entry is:

amanda-client.localdomain /home/client/Documents user-tar-remote

If anyone knows what I have done wrong or can point out something I've missed it would be greatly appreciated,