We had an amanda 3.3.1 running for quite sume time, successfully backing up and restoring.

Unfortunately due to some unfortunate defaults in Scientic-Linux and possibly a bug those tapes were all written with a blocksize of 512 bytes. (I guess amanda didn't check the device blocksize in that version properly, and RHEL defaults to 512byte blocksize for /dev/st[0-9] without /etc/stinit.def)

Now we upgraded to 3.3.5 and amanda refuses to read those tapes, because the minimum blocksize is 32k.

Interestingly I can't reproduce the working behaviour any more - even a fresh install of 3.3.1 into a chroot won't make amrecover read those tapes again (though it all worked before upgrading to 3.3.5).

I can successfully get to the dumpfiles with a 3.3.1 amrestore, but it's tedious and it will be even more tedious trying to rewrite all those archived tapes with a new blocksize.

So my question: Can the blocksize-minimum of 32k be overridden somewhere - at least for reading? I noticed the "readblocksize" paramater, but that too is rejecting anything below 32k. I'd love to be able to get to the data just with a normal amrecover. Going through the notions with am-recover, dd skip and tar is possible, but it's a pain.