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Thread: Restore the backup to a sql file

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    Default Restore the backup to a sql file


    When I checked in the backup location, I can see the following files :
    backup-data index zrm_checksum
    Is there any way to create a sql file from these and use it for restore ?

    Normally I restore the databases as :
    mysql-zrm-restore --host *.*.*.* --tmpdir /mnt_backup/tmp --backup-set --source-directory /backup/sql/ --user user_name --password pass_word

    Now,I want to create database backup as something.sql which contains the backup that can be used to restore the databases later to the server. Is that possible ?


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    I also have same problem.

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    I see this forum less active than others. I can see no replies to our posts even after days. Nevertheless, you can use the below commands to create a mysql backup
    1. locate the backup using the below command :
    mysql-zrm-reporter --show restore-info --where
    where '' is my host configured for backup
    2. Extract the backup to the location /backup/sql/
    mysql-zrm-extract-backup --source-directory /backup/sql/ --tmpdir /temporary_location/

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    After upgrading a machine my snapshot/ssh-copy based raw backups fail. I have confirmed the mysql uid/gids are uniform, rsa keys are shared and working, all of the zrm plugins including the socket server are owned by mysql.mysql. I've been working on this for 3 days and our backups are stale. I've had zrm running for years and have never encountered this.

    [url= ][/url]
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    nice tips... thank you

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