Hi! I'm a new Zmanda Cloud Backup customer from Italy.

I'm configuring a simply file system backup set for my Windows 2008 server.
My target is configure something like this:
- Full backup: never scheduled, only first time
- Incremental backup: every night, with 1 week retain

My logical doubt: is it this a valid configuration? Can Zmanda, after some months, rebuild a backups about few days ago with only one full (old) backup and last week incremental backups?
From another point of view: Zmanda automatically "merge" the old full backup with the incremental backups before deletes them?

The goal is to keep the full backup about one week ago and the incremental backups about the last week, building the full from the incremental ones (without re-uploading every week the full backup or keeping all the incremental from the last full backup)

I hope i explain this clear!
Thank you,