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Thread: Urgent help for Archive recovery

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    Default Urgent help for Archive recovery

    I received an archive file in my mail box which I want to open. I had no archive software, so I downloaded a free software. When I am trying to open this archive file, its showing files but I am not able to extract the files to a specific folder in my system, files come but these are in an unreadable format. It says you can't open these file I am not sure what is the problem. I just need to get this data in my system and I don't know how it can be possible. I have also rechecked with my friend who sent this archive file and he says that he is able to open the file. There must be some problem at my end. Please help me in recovering my archive file data. It is quite important for me. I have my exams next week and this material is a real life saver. Somebody give me me a solution for this.

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    Hey friend,

    There is no need to worry, you can recover your archive file using a manual process. Its a very easy manual process with few steps. The manual solution is given below:
    1. Open WinRAR application
    2. Click on file, and then select open
    3. A find archive window will be opened, select corrupt zip file from your system
    4. Click on open button
    5. Press Alt+R
    6. Repairing File will be opened
    7. Click on browse to save repaired file at desired location
    8. Check Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP box, and then click OK
    9. After corrupt ZIP archive is repaired, click on close.

    Before operating this manual solution, you need to install WinRar application in your system. If this solution doesn't work then you need to opt third-party recovery software. I can suggest you with one software that is very efficient in recovering data from corrupted files, i.e. SysInfoTools Archive Recovery software. I have used other utilities of this company and it always helped me.



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