We've seen a steadily growing number of 5-digit named files (yes, with no file extension) in the misc directory underneath the
Zmanda Windows Client 3.3 install tree. These seem to be a multiple of 100MB (we've seen 100MB, 400MB and 800MB files for example) and don't seem to be deleted either. This has lead to multi-GB usage in that tree over time and this isn't good!

We think it's related to when the client times out talking to the server (which we occasionally get from Windows clients running Zmanda and *never* from similar Linux-based clients running the Amanda client). A quick forensic check (on Linux of course, Windows default tools are hopeless for binary files) showed that these 100MB+ files seem to contain zero-padded paths that appear to be a list of files backed up by the client.

I'm hoping these files are removable via a daily timed script because we've been playing it safe and completely uninstalling the Zmanda client and cleaning out all Zmanda client dirs before re-installing the client again, which is something we don't really want to keep doing.

It looks like a bug fix is needed - if the client times out, it should clean up those 5-digit files in the misc dir before exiting. Also note that after such a timeout (we've set it really long at 45 mins before you ask, which doesn't help), the MySQL process has been seen to be using 10-20% CPU, despite no actual backups taking place.