This is the result..

Amanda Backup Client Hosts Check
ERROR: [addr 58.x.x.x]: hostname lookup failed]
WARNING: x.x.x.x: selfcheck request timed out. Host down?
Client check: 4 hosts checked in 29.240 seconds, 2 problems found

for ur information the server (58.x.x.x) is using amanda Amanda 2.4.4p3 and the client (x.x.x.x) is using the latest version 2.5.1 and is using same version as server.

the other 2 clients are in same LAN. I am confused how come i cannot amcheck and amdump to those 2 other clients which are located in US. Firewall already allowed. xinetd is already open udp and tcp port 10080, 10081, 10082, 10083). tcpdump got packet transaction. Pls help...