The issue that we are experiencing is similar in nature to an older closed thread in this forum. The best we have been able to do from this version of ZWC (and previous) is 100 megabit. Our backup system does not utilize a tape drive and we have verified the the disk subsystems in use are capable of 500+ megabit. We have also verified that the network throughput is capable of 500+ megabit. The CPU load on the servers is <20% while the backup is running and there does not appear to be any memory pressure. Things that we have tried to alleviate the issue are:

  • Disable compression
  • Implement Holding Disk
  • Adjust Netusage

At this time it appears to be a limitation with ZWC as we are seeing the following in the backup confirmation emails. The dump rate is much lower than the tape write rate.

Avg Dump Rate (k/s) 5235.6 5323.3 4303.0
Avg Tp Write Rate (k/s) 77340.1 81860.8 44807.7

If anyone has guidance we would greatly appreciate it because at this point we can't backup the amount of data that we have in an acceptable time frame.