I've been running through the getting started with Amanda guide. Following the initial set-up of MyConfig etc there is a checkpoint using amcheck. At this point I am incurring the following errors, can anyone help?

"/etc/amanda/MyConfig/amanda.conf", line 8: Configuration keyword expected
"/etc/amanda/MyConfig/amanda.conf", line 8: end of line expected
"/etc/amanda/MyConfig/amanda.conf", line 9: Configuration keyword expected
"/etc/amanda/MyConfig/amanda.conf", line 9: end of line expected
"/etc/amanda/MyConfig/amanda.conf", line 15: an identifier expected
"/etc/amanda/MyConfig/amanda.conf", line 22: BSD or KRB4 expected
"/etc/amanda/MyConfig/amanda.conf", line 15: tapetype not defined
amcheck: errors processing config file "/etc/amanda/MyConfig/amanda.conf"