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Thread: Separate log files for each backup-set?

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    Default Separate log files for each backup-set?

    I have a number of jobs that run simultaneously and trying to gather troubleshooting info from the one giant monolithic log file is often difficult. For example, let's say I have a full snapshot backup that takes place at midnight. Being that it's a snapshot, it finishes almost instantaneously, but then takes a few hours to convert to regular. I also have hourly incremental jobs for the same backup-set which can run right after the snapshot is done, long before the conversion finishes. Of course these incrementals log to the same file. Now add to this a number of other profiles, again all logging to the same file. It becomes a mess to decipher really quick. How are people handling this? Can I put in a feature request to allow the log file to be specified as a parameter? Or at least have separate log files for each backup-set and perhaps the type, such as BackupSet1_full.log and BackupSet1_incr.log.

    Thanks for your time!

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    I think you couldn't set a log file for each backup-set as the path of log is hard-coded in mysql-zrm .

    Look at /usr/lib/mysql-zrm/ZRM/
    our $TMPDIR;
    our $VARLIB="/var/lib";
    our $LOGNAME_LOCATION="/var/log/mysql-zrm/";
    if( $onWindows ) {

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