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Thread: Zmanda Retry Timing Period

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    Default Zmanda Retry Timeout Period


    Can I know how does ZCB perform the retry of the backup in the event if the backup fails?
    Is it immediately or after the timeout period expirws? How many minutes is the default timeout period?

    The reason:
    I have a backup scheduled to be run on 19.00pm daily. Somehow, the error message "Error connecting to cloud" appeared last night and the backup has only managed to complete at 08.00 this morning.

    Appreciate your comments of the above.

    TS Wong
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    If uploads to the cloud fail, ZCB follows the steps here:

    We will be updating this behavior slightly for the upcoming ZCB 4.8, to speed up retries.

    If you continue to have upload issues, please open a support ticket and provide logs; there may be some help we can provide!

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