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Thread: ZCB Upload fails, possible to restore some data?

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    Default ZCB Upload fails, possible to restore some data?

    Hi there guys,

    Hope someone can help me out here.

    I am running some Differential backups on Zmanda Cloud Backups, but it has not completed 100% due to power failures interrupting the uploads.

    I have about 5 runs that have uploaded about 40-70% that I checked on say 10 minutes prior to the power failures.

    The drive the data was on has failed now.

    Is there any method I can try that could at least restore some of the data that uploaded from that 40-70% ?

    I tried using the restore catalog, then I just get the message "Backup run data not found".


    Ok so after getting some help from Zmanda support we managed to download some of the.DATA files using the JetS3 tool.

    I did the "copy /b *.data.*" command, and when trying to unzip it, we get "cannot open as archive" using 7zip, and PKzip keeps asking for the next disk.

    Anyone maybe have any ideas on this?
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