The Amanda core team is pleased to announce the release of Amanda
2.5.0b1. It is a redesign of many part of amanda.

The span/split patch from John Stange was ported to 2.5.0 and is integrated
in this release.

It can be dowloaded from [url]http://www.amanda.org/[/url]

Here's a list of the changes for release 2.5.0b1 (from the NEWS file):
Look at the ChangeLog file for more details.

* New tape spanning features.
* Possibility to use of rsh/ssh to start amandad on client.
* New SECURITY API (see docs/SECURITY.API for details).
* New DUMPER API (see docs/DUMPER.API for details) (Not yet functionnal).

If you find bug in this release, please submit a bug report on sourceforge in
the group v2.5.0b1. ([url]http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=120&atid=100120[/url])